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Maitre Parfumeur
et Gantier
French Perfumes

Crystal Bottle for Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Perfumes
100ml Crystal Bottle


Fragrance Blends:
Mysterious Harmonies
Sensual, delicate flowers and fruits.
Invitation to Travel
Exotic flowers, herbs and spices.

Interesting, out-of-the-ordinary blends that evoke music and mystery, or the sights and sounds of places you've only imagined.

All perfumes come in the crystal, jewel-topped bottle shown.

To assist in your choice, Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier perfumes are grouped by fragrance blend:

Mysterious Harmonies Add to Cart
Fraξche Passiflore   Peach, raspberry, passion fruit, musk $120.00
Rose Muskissime   Moroccan rose, blackcurrant, mango, amber $120.00
Soie Rouge   Carnation, heliotrope, apricot, pineapple $120.00
Vocalise   Blackcurrant, red fruits, vanilla, precious woods $120.00

Invitation to Travel

Add to Cart

Eau de Camelia Chinois   Tea absolute, basil, exotic fruits, sandalwood $120.00
Fleurs des Comores   Vanilla, jasmine, blackcurrant, leafy green  $120.00
Jardin du Neroli   Orange, orange blossom, mint, sandalwood $160.00
Or des Indes   Opoponax, vanilla, amber, geranium $120.00

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